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Art Time for Kids

The most fun art classes in Fredericksburg!

The most fun art classes in Fredericksburg!

The most fun art classes in Fredericksburg!The most fun art classes in Fredericksburg!

Some of Our Favorite Lessons

Can you drive a Truck through Paint?


A favorite lesson for all ages, this painting is created with toy cars and trucks. Piet Mondrian would be proud as we learn about primary colors, geometric design, and noisy traffic.

Driving Cars through New York City


Mondrian's 1943 Painting "Broadway Boogie Woogie" is an abstraction of the lights and sounds of New York City streets.  

David Hockney in Diapers


When you need the swimming pool painted under your bright yellow diving board, sometimes just a diaper and a large paint brush is all you need.

Archeological Dig


When learning about Ancient Greek Pottery, children must dig to uncover the art from the past.



There is nothing better than an artist's self portrait.  The younger the artist, the more precious the artwork.

Gray Scale


When learning about Claude Monet's Steam Engines, the children learn that there are many, many grays.  Can you line them up in order?

Masks with Grandma


A lot of Grandparents join the fun at Art Time for Kids.  Who is more proud of this creative mask?

Flashlights & Shadows


Make a person out of foil.  Shine a flashlight.  Observe how the shadow changes.  Now Paint!

Show some motion!


Leroy Neiman used the best expressive lines in his sports-themed paintings.  Make our own body  jump, dance, run, and spin using just the movement of the oil pastels.

Healthy Food-Face


Playing with your food is okay!  The more you touch, feel, and become familiar with jicama, spinach, and peppers, the more likely they will be a part of your diet, right?

Skyscapers and Architects


How are architects like artists?  How did skyscrapers change cities and architecture?  How great is this city that we can crawl through?

Pouring and Mixing Colors


Be a mad scientist: blue, yellow, and red colored water have endless possibilities!

Smooshing rocks into clay


What is it about poking shiny rocks and gems into clay?  Toddlers and preschoolers just can't get enough of this project.

Pretty Porcupine


A porcupine made meticulously from toothpicks dipped in many colors of paint.  Mexican folk art inspired this artwork, and kids wanted to work long past their grown-ups!

The Spiral Getty


Ever heard of "Earthworks?"  We didn't use bulldozers and major bodies of water like Robert Smithson, but we built a lot of spirals!

Monet's Trains


Trains just lure in the preschoolers... and Monet loved their dramatic puffs of steam, too.  The children in Fredericksburg travel to the train stations and countryside of France.

Zen Garden with Rake


Does your child need more meditation and relaxation?  Yes, that IS a miniature rake.  And yes, that two year old is arranging the rocks in a balanced and peaceful Japanese rock garden.

Stringing Large "Beads"


Robert Indiana and his "LOVE" sculptures shows us how letters can make art. Using paper letters and toilet paper tubes, the children strung the letters to spell their names or a word of their choice.  

Summer Pop-up Playdates


The summer Pop-up Playdates were so much fun!  We met at 5 different parks throughout the season for informal projects and socializing.

Painting a Color Wheel


Using only fingers, create a color wheel by mixing neighbor colors.  This is finger painting with a purpose!

Chalk Cityscape


Romare Bearden, a leader of the Harlem Renaissance, loved cityscapes.  We used black paper, chalk, and little hands to rub and draw.