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Art Time for Kids

The most fun art classes in Fredericksburg!

Classes & Schedules

Always on the Move


Good news: kids don't have to sit still.  Around super bowl season, we learned about Leroy Nieman.  The children threw footballs to get in the spirit!

Learn about Art History


To make each art project more meaningful,  we learn about artists past and present.  Let's take our toy airplanes and fly over the map...buckle up.

Skill-building Games


An obstacle course? How is this art?  Well, if you were trying to find the elusive ruins of Machu Pichu you would understand.

Never the Same Thing


Have you ever dyed cloth by mashing spinach?  This two-year old crushed it.  

Tactile Experiences


A photography lesson? Famous iconic photographs led the lesson for laying our photo paper in the sun, then dunking it in water.  See the patterns?

Make your mess with us!


You can't have Art Time for Kids without a Jackson Pollock lesson.  Is it messy?  Well, that's why we are here.

Enroll this August for fall 2019 classes!

  To enroll, simply go to the "Register" page on this website.  Choose the day and time you want to join, and use our convenient payment options.  Questions? Send us an e-mail or call/text 540-842-6250.

$60 for the 2-5 year old classes (4 week session); $120 for Big Kids Art Class, Kindergarten- 6th grade, (8 week session.)  Homeschool classes are $120 for the 8 week session.  Elementary classes also have a $20 materials fee, however, enroll before August 1 to avoid the fee!

Class Schedules 2-5 yrs.











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Big Kids Art Classes! Kindergarten-6th grade


The Big Kid's session begins September 8th!

Want to join us now?  Students can join anytime; our online enrollment will prorate your cost for the remainder of the session.

Sunday at 1:00  (K-2nd grade)

Sunday at 2:15 (3rd-6th grade) 

Monday at 5:30 (K-6th grade)

Elementary classes taught by Meredith Luck


8 week Session: $120.00 per child

Beginning this fall, students will also have a $20.00 materials fee.  Classes meet at 101 Hanover Street, Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Classes are 60 minutes in length, and are a drop-off class.

Kids will experience a variety of mediums and projects!  Lessons will be inspired by classic and current artists.


Space is limited!

To sign up for an 8 week session, go to the "Register" page.  You can also call or text Art Time for Kids with any questions at 540-842-6250.

Scroll down to see lessons for a typical session!

Homeschooler's Art Class


An art class where children share and learn from famous artists as well as their classmates!

While learning art history, children in grades K-6 will experiment with various mediums.  Drawing skills, painting, composition, and sculpture along with world history and culture fill our 60 minute class.  We meet every Monday from 1:00-2:00! 

$120.00 for the 8 week session. 

$20.00 materials fee.

September 2019 Lessons (2-5 year olds)

Week 1: Sept. 4, 5, 6, & 7


A lesson of music and movement will kick off our fall semester! The artist Wassil Kandinsky painted the feelings and movement of music. Kids instinctively know that rhythm and color, lines, shapes, and movement are indistinguishable! Move, play, and paint.

Week 2: Sept. 11, 12, 13, & 14


Architecture from its ancient roots! Or, in the language of preschool children, let’s stack, build, and balance! Those Greeks and Romans brought the columns to the face of many modern buildings. Let’s build and paint our own facade of columns.

Week 3: Sept. 18, 19, 20, & 21


Outdoor scenes, plants, thick grasses, and hidden animals. Let’s fill our artwork with greenery, before the beautiful greens of Virginia change to their beautiful fall colors! The imaginary forests and jungles of Henri Rousseau will fill our studio with elements of nature.

Week 4: Sept. 25, 26, 27, & 28


Our hands are a powerful way to communicate, even without using our words! Artists throughout Asia and Europe have used hand signals in their religious artwork. Christian and Buddhist traditions alike have a language of hands. Let’s learn this code and create a message of our own in our “hands-on” artwork.

Fall 2019 Big Kids Art Classes & Homeschool Art Classes (K-6

Week 1 & 2: Sept. 8/9, 15/16


Oliver Lee Jackson is a living artist exhibited at the National Gallery of Art. Students will look at the relationship between jazz music and moving figures, before creating their own art using cut felt and silhouettes.

Week 2:

The lessons on contrast from Oliver Lee Jackson will inspire a black and white image. Positive space, negative space and how they work together is a wonderful lesson for all artists!

Week 3 & 4: Sept. 22/23, 29/30

 Building on the theme of music, movement, and art, we will travel to France to see Edgar Degas’s Ballerina Paintings. Using drawing skills as a warm-up for painting, students will practice capturing athletic movements of your favorite action sport!

Week 4: 

The athletes and dancers of last week will come to life! We will begin the final painting and also make a three-dimensional sculpture… in action, of course. Color and form will finish up our study of Edgar Degas’s dancers.  

Week 5: October 6/7


Living artist, Minnie Valero, from San Diego, California paints classic landscapes with a modern twist. Printing, stamping, and watercolor painting will be a fun way to experiment with creative ways to create interest, line, and harmony.

Week 6: October 13/14


The vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the Aboriginal Women Artists have intrigued artists from all over the world! The students will use black paper and the signature brushstrokes of these artists to create a unique painting.

Week 7: October 20/21


Let us look at the enchanting Japanese Landscapes by Hokusai and Hasui. Students will be introduced to the invaluable concept of color and value in landscapes. We will also be introduced to the amazing art of Origami!

Week 8: October 27/28


Mexican artist Frida Kahlo will inspire our artwork as we learn about traditions including El Día de los Muertos. Monarch Butterflies, Lanterns, and more!

This holiday celebrates family. Specifically, the family that has passed, but is not forgotten. This is a holiday of reverence, and although near Halloween, it is not a scary or spooky time. The symbolic candy skeletons and skulls are a happy, fun treat! 

Make-up Policies

If you and your child miss a class during a session, one of the following solutions may be appropriate:

  • Arrange to drop in to any of the other class times during the week.  The same lesson is taught to each class in the week, so you won't miss the fun. 
  • Attend the Make-up Class at the end of the semester. (Only available to the "Big Kids Art Class")
  • Request a "To-Go" bag with the week's lesson and supplies.  
  • If the above options are not possible, at the discretion of Art Time for Kids, you may be credited for future sessions.